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Monitoring Industrial process with accurate sensors becomes essential part of efficient plant operation.When you dont measure or monitor then you cant expect to control, believing in same CINDAN helps you in choosing right sensors with high accuracy to ensure you monitor process for lean and agile manufacturing where error proofing is a key component that impacts every associated area of industrial manufacturing like inventory, processing, correction, over production,material movement and waiting which helps offering better customer satisfaction and make you globally competitive.

For years traditional manufacturing resulted in unconnected and independent operations creating lot of inefficiency in industrial production resulting lost opportunities. Fortunately, the industrial revolution so called Industry 4.0 emphasises embedded devices with sensors, cloud connectivity and analytics reduces inefficiency and redefines the way industries worked.CINDAN works closely with you to leverage the benefits of fourth industrial revolution with its ingrained technology knowledge and field expertise.

Energy usage costs industry more than anything else and the same concern has raised effective energy management more important than ever before.Energy monitoring involves practices such as metering and taking all possible opportunities to save & conserve energy.CINDAN offers very accurate sensing technology for energy conservation and lets you access data for analysis in real time which can benefit you in taking corrective actions,machinery diagnosis,generate complaince reports for energy audit and more importantly identify areas to save cost.

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